Donald Trump Stirs Up Social Media Again by Kicking a Crying Baby Out of His Rally (Video)

“If Trump doesn’t want to compete with a crying baby, he should imagine how Hillary Clinton feels,” one Twitter user says

The first rule of politics — especially presidential candidates — is always kiss babies.

The tradition goes back to Andrew Jackson in 1833 and the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s even has a “Path to the Presidency” exhibit featuring the political history of baby kissing from Jackson to Hubert Humphrey.

But on Tuesday, Donald Trump broke that tradition by kicking a crying baby and its mother out of his rallies, and he’s getting suitable ripped on social media for his faux pas.

The GOP presidential nominee booted the crying infant from his Ashburn, Virginia, rally after first telling the mother that they both could stay. “Don’t worry about that baby, I love babies,” he said. “I hear that baby crying and I like it. What a beautiful baby.”

But after being interrupted by the baby a second time, Trump said he was “only kidding,” and told the mother to leave. “You can get the baby out of here,” he said.

“I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking,” he continued. “That’s OK. People don’t understand. That’s OK.”

Twitter users jumped on the moment, drawing parallels with Trump’s other feuds and seizing the opportunity to compare the baby to the nominee himself.

“I hear a crying baby was just kicked out of a Trump rally,” joked “Star Trek” star George Takei. “No, it wasn’t Donald.”

See some of the best tweets below: