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Donald Trump Twitter Q&A Mocked Mercilessly by Users

Online opposition seizes #AskTrump hashtag to insult the GOP frontrunner

Presidential candidate Donald Trump made the mistake of participating in a Twitter Q&A on Monday, inviting a slew of insults and jabs from social media users.

The candidate sent out a call for questions Monday on morning with the hashtag #AskTrump. While some presented the Republican frontrunner with legitimate questions, pushing him to clarify his policy positions, others seized the hashtag as a chance to mock and insult him.

“I’m curious, what does being a racist piece of trash feel like?” wrote Twitter user @Electrodium.

“You do realise you’re gonna lose right ??” asked @huffyhowell.

Trump will reply to some of the questions from Twitter headquarters this afternoon, but until then see some of the most trenchant tweets below: