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Donald Trump vs. Fox News Debate: Did Trump Win by Not Showing Up?

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, The Donald Trump Show

Twitter has already chimed in on who won tonight’s big political fight. No, we don’t mean the GOP debate. We mean the standoff between the debate and Donald Trump’s simultaneous alternate event.

We all know the story. Trump backed off the debate after he felt insulted by a Fox News press release defending co-moderator Megyn Kelly. Trump enlisted military veterans on a mission to steal Fox News’ thunder and prove the GOP needs him for ratings and attention.

Did he succeed?

Well, Trump got off to a nice start when social media exploded after Fox News issued another statement in the early stages of the debate. Instead of paying attention to the debate, pundits and bloggers were busy obsessing over the exchange.

It’s all because Trump claimed Fox News tried to apologize before tonight’s debate. But Trump made those claims on Fox News rival CNN. That took the attention off the debate and put it on Trump. Fox News stole some of the attention back with its own statement.

We know one of the smartest businessmen in American history like Trump’s decision, even if he couldn’t spell his name:

Another mild victory for Trump came when candidates from the “Happy Hour” debate skipped the main event to attend Trump’s event.

We’ll find out Friday whether Trump’s event or Fox News’ was better watched.

In the meantime, here’s what Twitter had to say:

Someone didn’t believe Trump wasn’t showing until it ended:

Someone thought Kelly was the winner of the night:


Someone else didn’t like any of it:

So what do you think: Who won?