Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son Is Forbidden to Use Twitter But Wife Can’t Curb Dad’s Tweeting

GOP frontrunner admits “the retweets sometimes get a little bit shaky,” after several controversial reposts

donald trump
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Not all members of Donald Trump’s family are subject to the same social media policy: The GOP frontrunner’s wife Melania says she has banned their 10-year-old son from Twitter, but can’t get her husband to put down the phone.

“If he would only listen. I do say it many times,” said the wife of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday night during a family panel hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Donald Trump said he’s behind almost all of his account’s tweets and retweets.

“The tweets are fine. The retweets sometimes get a little bit shaky,” he said.

Twitter has been a key platform in Trump’s campaign, evolving into his chosen venue for lobbing retorts at attackers and going on the offensive himself. He’s built a base of about 7.5 million followers on Twitter.

But his inflammatory tweets and questionable retweets — including posts from white supremacists and an unflattering photo of Republican contender Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi — have landed him in hot water.

Trump said he would dramatically cut back his tweeting if elected president.

As part of his campaign, Trump said he usually just shouts a tweet idea “to one of the young ladies in the office” during the day. “During the evenings, after 7 p.m. or so, I will always do it by myself,” he said.

“I really enjoy doing it, but it’s an asset … You see what’s going on and there is some genius there. You just have to find the right genius,” he said.