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Dow Dropped 666 Points Today and Twitter Reacts as You’d Expect

”Coincidence? I think not,“ Stephen King tweets of the number associated with ”The Beast“

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 666 points on Friday, a number that’s captured the imagination of some Twitter users.

666 is called the “number of the Beast,” an antagonistic creature in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation that surfaces during a vision of the apocalypse.

“How much did the Dow drop today? 666 points. Let me say it again: 666,” Stephen King wrote in a tweet. “Coincidence? I think not.”

“The Dow closed … down 666 pts. … Anyone else creeped out? …mildly creeped??” asked another Twitter user.

The drop, the Dow’s sixth-largest single-day point drop in history, came just two days after President Donald Trump boasted about the performance of the stock market in his State of the Union address to Congress.

With a decline of 2.5 percent, Friday marked the Dow’s largest percentage decline since the UK’s Brexit vote in 2016. However, despite the president’s fondness for using stock market performance as a measure of his success and myriad Twitter jokes to the contrary, experts say the decline has little to do with Trump.

According to CNN Money, the drop is being attributed to a Friday jobs report, which showed rising wages for American workers that could potentially eat into corporate profits, and concern from investors about inflation and future interest rates.

Or maybe we’re in hell.