‘Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet’ Rescues 4 Puppies From Being Shot (Exclusive Video)

Yet another reason never give your money to a puppy mill

These four puppies were going to get shot — yes, shot — until National Mill Dog Rescue and Dr. Jeff Young stepped in.

The do-gooders team up to save the doggies on tomorrow night’s episode of Animal Planet’s “Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” — but TheWrap has got your exclusive first look at the canine rescue mission.

Upon examination, these particular puppy mill pooches were in surprisingly-good shape. Once spayed and/or neutered, they should be adopted pretty quickly. And that’s a fate far-better than being Old Yeller’d out back.

Finish your Friday with these fur balls by watching the video above. Then celebrate their efforts by adopting from your local animal shelter.

“Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Animal Planet.