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Dr. Oz Admits ‘Big Mistake’ He Made By Hyping Weight Loss Supplements (Video)

”I wish I’d never used the laudatory terms I used for weight loss supplements,“ celebrity doctor says

Dr. Oz appeared on “Fox and Friends” on Monday to admit he made a big mistake in how he described weight loss supplements.

“I wish I’d never used the laudatory terms I used for weight loss supplements,” he said on Fox News. “That was the big mistake I think we all acknowledge. I stopped doing that a long time ago, over a year ago.”

Oz was under fire by doctors at Columbia University in April, who asked for his removal as a faculty member while calling him a “quack.”

The celebrity doctor fought back, highlighting some of those doctors’ questionable track records and defending his show and health prescriptions for viewers.

“I do toggle back and forth between hard core medicine, which I do believe we do a very good job getting it right,” Oz told Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “But I like to look around the corner. What other ideas might be helpful? The show is about prevention and wellness. It’s not a medical press show. My job is to take America and elevate the conversation.”

Dr. Oz recently celebrated the 1,000th episode of “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Watch the video below.

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