Dr. Oz Won’t Commit to Trump’s Big Lie, Says 2020 Election Still Needs ‘Diagnosis’ (Video)

The TV host turned U.S. Senate candidate has been endorsed by the former president but stopped short of using the same rhetoric

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Dr. Mehmet Oz held back from calling the 2020 presidential election “stolen” or “rigged” in his appearance Monday on David Brody’s Real America’s Voice show “The Water Cooler.”

When Brody asked Oz about election integrity and and whether he’d seen, Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules,” Oz answered that he had not seen the film, then taking the chance to repeat some statements he has made about the 2020 election.

Watch the segment in the video below.

“The reality for me is 2020, under the cover of COVID, was an example of how you should not run an election. Here in Pennsylvania people are really worked up about it,” Oz said. “I already said on the debate stage — I was the first to say we cannot leave 2020 behind.”

“We have to get under the hood, examine exactly what went down and address those issues. And that means allowing the legislative branch here in Pennsylvania to finally do its job,” Oz continued. “It’s been blocked by the attorney general who was running for governor. So the current governor and the next governor […] have been blocking due process.”

When Brody asked Oz if his views of the 2020 election align with former President Donald Trump’s and what specifically “we cannot move on,” which Oz has said before, means, Oz brought up absentee ballots and voter ID.

“As a physician, I like to get into the details. I’ve talked to individuals who say their votes weren’t counted, who went to the polls and claimed that someone had already voted with their absentee ballot. There’s so many questions, and not just about the absentee ballots, but the fact [that] we don’t have voter ID here,” he said. “That opened up the whole system to mischeivousness. We have got to understand the different ways where cheating occurred so we can first of all identify how much happened but also make sure that it never happens again.”

“The voter ID issue is critical here, David because without voter ID frankly, it’s impossible to tell,” Oz went on. “And we don’t have voter ID because the current governor has blocked numerous efforts by the Republican legislature to mandate that so with the Republican governor who hopefully will come in with me, we’ll be able to get that done and finally have some prayer of knowing who voted when and why.”

Brody further questioned whether Oz would use the words “stolen” and/or “rigged” to describe the 2020 election, pointing out that he hadn’t heard the doctor use that language.

“I want to be careful,” Oz replied. “Republicans are about fixing things. I know for sure we’ve got to deal with 2020, but this is about knowing exactly what the diagnosis is so we can give it the right treatment.

Oz is running for Pennsylvania senator, and Donald Trump officially endorsed the doctor for the Senate spot.