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DreamWorks Ani. Partners With Youku To Make ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Films Available Online

The studio is the latest industry player to make inroads in the country, following on the heels of Chinese deals from the likes of Relativity and RealD

Need more evidence that Hollywood has fallen head over heels for China? 

DreamWorks Animation is the latest industry player to expand its footprint in the country.

The studio is partnering with Chinese internet company Youku to distribute its "Kung Fu Panda" films online, the partners announced on Monday. 

It is the first time that DreamWorks Ani. films will be released online in the country. 

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The news comes on the heels of RealD's announcement that it will outfit 100 Chinese theaters with 3D technology, as well as recent pacts signed by Legendary East and Relativity that will see the film companies making movies with an eye toward the Asian market. 

DreamWorks Ani. has been particularly adroit at creating animated hits for Chinese audiences. "Kung Fu Panda" and its sequel both racked up big grosses in the country, thanks in part to their Chinese setting.

The partners did not disclose financial terms of the pact, but under the agreement both "Kung Fu Panda" titles are available for on-demand viewing on Youku Premium and will subsequently debut on Youku's Hollywood Movie Channel after the paid viewing window closes.

"As technology matures and Chinese Internet users increasingly turn to the web for entertainment, Youku has been able to expand on the traditional movie release roadmap through agreements for studio films such as Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2," Victor Koo, chairman and CEO of Youku, said in a statement. "Both titles have a proven track record of success with Chinese audiences, and we look forward to expanding our alignment with Hollywood studios in the future to offer even more compelling content."