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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Endorses Ted Cruz

Robertson and Cruz seal the deal in a duck blind

The reality star community has apparently not come together behind former “Celebrity Apprentice” star Donald Trump: “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is endorsing Ted Cruz for the president.

“My qualifications for president of the United States are rather narrow:Is he or she godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job?” Robertson asks in a campaign video titled “Cruz Commander.” “And finally, would they kill a duck and put ‘em in a pot and make a good duck gumbo?”

“Ted Cruz is my man,” he added, in the video which shows Cruz, dressed in hunting gear, duck hunting with Robertson.

Apparently Robertson and Cruz went hunting on Monday, where they sealed the deal in a duck blind.

“I am thrilled to have Phil’s support for our campaign,” Cruz said in a statement. “The Robertsons are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values.”

Robertson’s endorsement could boost Cruz further among evangelicals. The latest Iowa poll by Fox News, shows Cruz leading Trump in the evangelical vote by 14 percent.

It won’t win Cruz any votes from those who remember — and object to — Robertson’s past comments condemning homosexuality.