‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Has Tips for Isolating, From ‘Self-Control’ to ‘Using Leaves’ (Video)

“I’ve taken social distancing to a new level,” Robertson says in mini-episodes on how to be alone to BlazeTV

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson has some choice advice for those who are new to isolation — which is pretty much most of us — because of the coronavirus pandemic since he’s been “self-quarantined” for over 40 years.

BlazeTV agrees, which is why the streaming channel is releasing a few mini-episodes of “In the Woods With Phil,” rebranded as “In the Quarantine With Phil.” In the premiere episode, he quips, “I’ve taken social distancing to a new level.”

Robertson just might be the perfect person to help extroverts through this trying time of self-isolation and social distancing, given he has spent the past few decades far removed from the crowds, floating in a boat in a Louisianan bayou, making duck calls.

“You got to remember, I pulled back. I ‘self-quarantined’ myself [around] 1976,” he told TheWrap. He’s adopted all of the coronavirus-related jargon to describe his daily life, in fact, mentioning that in his “place down the river,” he’s had a “‘shelter-in-place’ all the time.”

As millions of Americans find themselves stuck inside, maybe out of work or tasked with all sorts of new responsibilities, like home-schooling their kids, Robertson is taking it all in stride.

The first episode of “In the Quarantine” — released on YouTube as well as BlazeTV’s television channel — focuses on the toilet paper shortage that has resulted from bulk and panic buying around the country. Robertson jokingly explains the benefits — and drawbacks — of just using leaves.

“I’m there to show people about godly living, how to have the qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,” Robertson said, cautioning against “overreacting and unrestrained chaos.”

Check out the preview in the clip at the top.