‘Dumbo’ Child Stars Call Out Colin Farrell for Filling Up ‘Swear Jar’ on Set (Video)

“There must be somebody backstage with carpal tunnel from hitting the button so much,” Farrell jokes

We’re sure the set of “Dumbo” was a delightful experience and that the finished film will be more than appropriate for young audiences, but star Colin Farrell admits he had a hand in filling up a swear jar on set. And his young co-stars were quick to name names of others who have just as bad of a potty mouth.

While guesting on “The Talk,” Sharon Osbourne said Farrell has been known for his “colorful language,” although Farrell joked that she’s one to talk.

“Indeed, how did you get this job,” the Irish actor said. “There must be somebody backstage with carpal tunnel from hitting the button so much.”

Farrell said that by the end of the film, there was a swear jar that was “rather full,” and that all the money went to charity.

“Of course, I wasn’t the only one to blame. Who else had ‘colorful language?’ Come on, nail someone,” Farrell said to the film’s child actors Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins. And without missing a beat, Hobbins chimed in and called out Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton.

In a separate clip on “The Talk,” DeVito had reason to swear, saying that this was his first time working with CGI on a film. He’s still amazed about having to look at a “green blob” and pretend it’s a baby elephant.

“It looks like a grasshopper. It’s not quite an elephant,” DeVito said.

But even Hobbins might’ve used some colorful language on the set. His co-star Parker is the daughter of Thandie Newton, who happened to be filming “Solo: A Star Wars Story” at the same time that she was filming “Dumbo.” While she got to visit the set, Hobbins gave Parker the “cold shoulder” for leaving him behind.

“We’re having a nice day on set, and I’m told, oh Nico is getting to go to the ‘Star Wars’ set,” Hobbins said. “Oh cool! You can’t come.”

Watch the clip via “The Talk” above, and check out DeVito’s segment here.