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AEW & WWE Star Dustin Rhodes Saddles Up in Trailer for Indie Western ‘Cutter Bill’ (Exclusive Video)

Gunslinger formerly known as Goldust goes searching for $80 million in hidden drug money

Last Updated: October 25, 2019 @ 9:53 AM

Dustin Rhodes has made his jump from WWE to AEW, and now the wrestler formerly known as Goldust is saddling up in indie western “Cutter Bill.”

TheWrap can exclusively reveal the trailer. Watch the video above.

In the film, Rhodes plays Mitchell White, the wisecracking partner of down-on-his-luck gambler Jessup Cross (Thom Hallum) in a scheme to find $80 million in hidden Texas drug money. The fabled fortune is said to be hidden on a ranch owned by Cutter Bill, a member of a crime syndicate known as the Cowboy Mafia. With Cutter Bill dead and gone, the duo head out to strike it rich and, in Jessup’s case, pay off a vicious bookie named The Indian that wants his head.

There’s just one problem: Jessup and Mitchell aren’t the only ones who know about the treasure. The Indian is hunting it too, along with a band of gangsters looking to take the fortune for themselves. Also on the hunt is Lilly (Katy Harris), Cutter Bill’s mute granddaughter and sole heir.

Arthur Redcloud, who performed alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revanant,” stars as The Indian in “Cutter Bill,” which is written and directed by Brett Bentman. The film does not currently have a set release date, but TheWrap is told that producers are in talks with Amazon for a streaming release in early 2020. There are theatrical premieres set for Dec. 16 in Dallas and Jan. 30 in Hollywood.

In the meantime, you can watch Dustin Rhodes fight alongside his brother, Cody, on “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite,” which airs Wednesday nights on TNT. This Tuesday, you can also watch Rhodes compete in a tag team match alongside rising LGBT wrestling star Sonny Kiss on “AEW Dark,” a showcase of unaired AEW matches that premieres every Tuesday on AEW’s YouTube page.