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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Ballers’ Costar Thinks He Shouldn’t Run for President: ‘But We’ve Seen Worse’ (Video)

The Rock jokingly announced Tom Hanks as his running mate on ”SNL“

“Ballers” actor Omar Miller says you can’t pay him “to say something bad” about costar and executive producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — but he did let his thoughts slip on Johnson’s potential run for president in 2020, when talking to TheWrap.

“I think it’s a terrible idea,” Miller said about the possibility. “But… we’ve seen worse.”

Johnson has floated the idea around before; a campaign committee to draft him as a presidential candidate in three years has even been formally filed. The filing comes almost two months after Johnson hosted the season finale of “Saturday Night Live,” during which he jokingly announced his 2020 candidacy in his opening monologue. He also announced Tom Hanks as his running mate.

Prior to that “SNL” appearance, Johnson said in an interview with GQ that running for president could be a “real possibility” and that he seriously gave it thought after Donald Trump won last year’s election.

However, Miller talked highly of Johnson on the set of “Ballers,” which returns Sunday for its season 3 premiere.

“You can’t pay me to say something bad about the Big Fella. He’s really generous, number one, like he’s the top of the call sheet but you are not waiting for him to come out of the trailer, you are not waiting for him to know his lines. And he’s focused on what he’s doing right then — other than eating in between every single set up because it takes a lot to be super jacked. I wouldn’t know,” said the actor while flexing his bicep.

“Other than that, he’s totally focused on the work, and he’s there, you know, he understands the team mentality,” Miller added. “He’s the leader of the pack, and he’s always there to play and to listen. It’s a fun set to be on.”

Watch the video above.

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