E! News’ ‘The Rundown’ Celebrates 500 Episodes With a New Snapchat Show (Exclusive Video)

Host Erin Lim tells TheWrap her team is “more creative than ever” in quarantine

E! News’ “The Rundown” on Snapchat celebrated its 500th episode in May, but instead of resting on any laurels, the team is launching a second show.

Host Erin Lim spoke to TheWrap about the milestone for her short-form, vertically-filmed celebrity chat show and her excitement for the new series, “BingE! Club” which premieres Saturday.

“I can’t believe three years have passed of doing this show. It feels like every day I’m just getting to do what I love and have normal conversations with fans who have become my friends, so it doesn’t even feel like I’m doing all of these episodes,” Lim told TheWrap.

Those “fans who have become [her] friends” total in the millions: In April, the show, which airs in three-to-five-minute bites, hit over 9 million viewers. Lim didn’t seem surprised by that number.

“I don’t even think about those numbers,” she said. “I didn’t even know we have that many subscribers and I don’t look at that. I’m sure my team, they all do and all of those things matter to them, but whenever I’m doing the show, all I’m thinking about is, ‘How do I present this story to my best friend?’”

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the approach hasn’t changed. Lim says she and her team are leaning into authenticity like they always have. Where they used to embrace Lim’s awkward moments or goofy jokes, which they saw as genuine traits that endeared them to audience members, they’re now embracing the reality that she and her team are locked inside, like everyone else.

“We’re just sitting on our bed,” she said. “We’ve got the covers around us.”

She says her team is “more creative than ever” in quarantine, spending hours on FaceTime video calls to work out how to produce the episodes from home.

Senior producer Beverley Crawford agreed, telling TheWrap, “Quarantine, as difficult as it’s been for everyone, has been for the show kind of a creative reset.”

She said she and the team have always felt lucky to be working in a group of real best friends to deliver only the stories they really care about and they’ve always been adaptable, so adapting to the reality of broadcasting remotely wasn’t unprecedented. She attributes their success in the first place to the adaptability that comes with helming a successful Snapchat show on a new platform like Snapchat, which she likened to the “Wild West.”

With some businesses opening up across the country but many Americans still inside, “BingE! Club” seems to be coming at a perfect time for Lim, who says it’s “a weekly cheat sheet of all of the hottest shows or movies, anything that you can binge.”

Watch the exclusive trailer above.