‘Echoes’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in Netflix’s Binge-Worthy Thriller Series?

A spoiler-free guide to the stars of Netflix’s addictive new series

Michelle Monoghan in Echoes

Settle into your binge-watching comfy clothes and fire up some popcorn, a new Netflix thriller series has arrived. Starring Michelle Monaghan as a pair of twins who have traded identities since childhood, “Echoes” builds a propulsive, twisty mystery.

It’s also got a cast full of recognizable faces alongside new discoveries — and with an overlapping triple-timeline narrative about two twins constantly pretending to be each other, you might need help keeping track of the characters too.

For a complete (and spoiler-free) guide to the cast and characters in Netflix’s “Echoes,” read on.

Michelle Monaghan as Gina and Leni

Michelle Monaghan in Netflix series Echoes

Michelle Monaghan pulls double duty in “Echoes” as twins Gina and Leni, who have swapped lives and identities (frequently) since childhood. However, when one of them goes missing, both lives quickly begin to unravel as long-hidden secrets and their tangled web of deception threatens to come to the surface. If you need a shorthand for which twin is which throughout the series, Gina is the one who usually has a smoky eye and Leni is the one who usually has a braid — however, you’ll have to rely on Monoghan’s impressive performances to let you know when one is pretending to be the other.

Monaghan has previously appeared in films including “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Mission: Impossible III,” “Source Code” and “Gone Baby Gone.” On TV, she previously starred in “Boston Public,” “True Detective,” “The Path” and most recently, Netflix’s 2020 series “Messiah.” 

Matt Bomer as Jack

Matt Bomer in Netflix Series Echoes

Matt Bomer stars as Leni’s husband Jack, who works on the family ranch. A doting partner and father to their young daughter, Jack was Leni’s high school sweetheart, unaware that he’s been in love with two women for most of his life. 

Bomer is best known for starring in the “Magic Mike” films and leading all six seasons of USA Network’s “White Collar.” He recently starred in Season 3 of “The Sinner,” Netflix’s “The Boys in the Band” and the HBO Max superhero series “Doom Patrol.” He is currently filming “Fellow Travelers” with “Bridgerton’s” Jonathan Bailey and “Girls” alum Allison Williams for Showtime.

Daniel Sunjata as Charlie

Daniel Sunjata in Echoes

Daniel Sunjata stars as Gina’s husband, Charlie, a therapist with a sharp mind and even temper who adores his wife passionately.

Sunjata has an extensive resume of film and television credits, including “Rescue Me,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Smash,” “The Dark Knight” and USA Network’s “Graceland.” Most recently, he starred as Mecca in “Power Book II: Ghost” and appeared in the Disney Channel holiday movie “Christmas Again.”

Johnathan Tucker as Dylan James

Jonathan Tucker as Dylan in Netflix's Echoes

Jonathan Tucker stars as Dylan James, another romantic figure tied to the twins’ past who has been in love with Gina since they were teenagers and makes an unexpected reappearance when Gina returns to Mount Echo.

Tucker has starred in films “The Virgin Suicides,” “The Ruins” and 2019’s “Charlie’s Angels.” He’s perhaps better known for his TV work, including “Parenthood,” “Kingdom,” “Snowfall” and “Westworld.”

Karen Robinson as Sheriff Louise Floss

Karen Robison stars as Sheriff Louise Floss, a longtime law enforcement officer in Mount Echo. A true-blue local who climbed the ranks while Gina and Leni were growing up, Sheriff Floss is naturally suspicious of the twins after the whirlwind of tragedy and destruction that has followed them over the years.

Robinson has a long and wide-ranging acting resume before “Echoes,” but is best known for playing Ronnie in “Schitt’s Creek.” She recently played Vee in “Titans” and Florence in “A Million Little Things.”

Rosanny Zayas as Deputy Paula Martinez

Karen Robinson and Rosanny Zayas in Echoes

Rosanny Zayas stars as Deputy Martinez, or Paula, as she insists her friends call her. Working side-by-side with Sheriff Floss doesn’t prevent Paula from striking up a friendship with Leni — or whichever twin she thinks is Leni, that is.

Zayas stars as Sophie in Showtime’s “The L Word” revival, “The L Word: Generation Q,” and has also appeared in Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” and “Otherhood.”

Michael O’Neill as Victor

Michael O'Neill and Michelle Monaghan in Netflix's Echoes

Michael O’Neill stars a Victor, father to Gina and Leni (and their sister Claudia), who is haunted by his family’s dark past. He is desperate to bring his kids back together and has a few secrets of his own.

With more than 130 credits dating back to 1981, O’Neill has appeared in countless series and films over the years, including “Days of Our Lives,” “The West Wing,” “Bates Motel” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” More recently, he’s appeared in “Rectify,” “Scandal,” “Council of Dads” and Netflix’s “Messiah” — also starring “Echoes” lead Michelle Monaghan!

Ali Stroker as Claudia

Ali Stroker plays Claudia in Netflix's Echoes

Ali Stroker plays Gina and Leni’s sister, Claudia, who was paralyzed in a tragic accident when they were all children, which turned her against Gina for life. In contrast, Claudia is quite close with Leni and lives at home with their father.

After getting her start on “The Glee Project,” in which she placed second, earning her a guest role on “Glee,” Stroker became best known for her theater work. A Tony-winning actress, she made history in 2015 when she became the first actor who uses a wheelchair to appear on the Broadway stage in “Spring Awakening,” and again in 2019 when she became the first to win a Tony (winning Best Featured Actress in a Musical for “Oklahoma!”).

Celia Weston as Georgia Taylor

Celia Weston in Netflix series Echoes

Celia Weston plays Dylan’s grandmother, Georgina Taylor, who is devoted to her grandson and forever hopeful that he’s on the path to a brighter future.

Weston is a prolific actor with credits ranging from “The Talented Mr. Ripley” to “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” to “Observe and Report” to “Modern Family.” Most recently, Weston played Dottie in Amazon’s “Hunters” and Shirley Neumann in NBC’s “The Thing About Pam.”

Madison and Victoria Abbott as Teenage Leni and Gina

Madison and Victoria Abbott as teenage Leni and Gina McCleary

While Michelle Monaghan does double duty playing the adult twins, the teenage versions are played by real-life twins Madison and Victoria Abbott. Madison Abbott, who plays teen Leni, has also appeared in “Impeachment: American Crime Story” and “Geisting” – the latter also alongside her sister, Victoria, who plays teen Gina in “Echoes.”

Hazel and Ginger Mason as Childhood Leni and Gina

Young Leni and Gina in Netflix's Echoes

Childhood Gina and Leni are also played by real-life twins, Hazel and Ginger Mason, who have previously acted in “The Post” and “The Blacklist” before “Echoes.”

Gable Swanlund as Mattie

Matt Bomer and Gable Swanlund in Echoes

Leni and Jack’s daughter Mattie is played by Gable Swanlund, who has previously appeared in “Modern Family,” “Never Have I Ever” and “General Hospital.” She also recently played Nancy on “The Shrink Next Door.”

Echoes” is now streaming on Netflix.