Eddie Murphy Breaks Out Bill Cosby Impression During Kennedy Center Ceremony (Video)

“Bill has one of these. Did y’all make Bill give his back?” comedian asks while accepting Mark Twain Prize for humor

Eddie Murphy
Getty Images

Eddie Murphy may have refused to imitate Bill Cosby during the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary episode, but the Murphy evidently had a change of heart on Sunday night.

While accepting the Mark Twain Prize for humor, Murphy took a few shots at Cosby, who won the award in 2009. Murphy did an impression of the embattled comedian that he first made famous in his 1987 stand up special “Eddie Murphy Raw.”

“Bill has one of these. Did y’all make Bill give his back?” Murpy said of his award statuette, according to Mashable. “No, because I know there was a big outcry from people. They was trying to get Bill to give his trophies back. You know you f–ked up when they want you to give your trophies back.”

“He should do one show where he just comes out and he just talks crazy now,” he continued. “I would like to talk to some of the people who feel like I should give back my motherf–kin’ trophies!” Murphy said in his spot-on Cosby voice.

“You may have heard recently that I allegedly put the pill in the people’s stomach,” Murphy continued, according to the Washington Post. “If I ever see or meet this Hannibal Buress in person I am going to try and kill this man!”

Buress was the stand up comedian whose joke about Cosby raping women set of the current firestorm that saw Cosby’s career collapse around him. Cosby is now accused of drugging and raping dozens of women over the course of his career.

The Mark Twain Prize is an annual award given to someone who has made significant contributions to American humor. Other past recipients include Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Tina Fey.

Watch the video from the ceremony below. Murphy’s Cosby impression begins around the 2:30 mark.