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Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones Soar Higher ‘Than Anyone Has Ever Been’ in ‘The Aeronauts’ Trailer (Video)

Film directed by Tom Harper set to make its premiere at Toronto next month

Last Updated: August 29, 2019 @ 7:42 AM

In “The Aeronauts,” Eddie Redmayne is a meteorologist in the 19th century without the support of his peers, and Felicity Jones is a female pilot and daredevil who society believes doesn’t belong in balloons.

In this historical drama based on the true story of two pioneers in aviation and weather, namely Amelia Wren and James Glashier, they’ll prove the world wrong and soar to remarkable heights.

“You are the only person who can fly us higher than anyone has ever been, so will you,” Redmayne poses to Jones. And with that, they’re off.

Tom Harper’s film, which he directed and co-wrote the story with Jack Thorne, not only reunites “The Theory of Everything” co-stars, it has some awe-inspiring spectacle within its aerial cinematography. The couple first find themselves within beautiful swarms of butterflies and gliding over magical vistas in their magnificent balloon. But before long as they reach the outer stretches of the stratosphere, they’re battling the elements, including pummeling rain and devastating cold.

“The Aeronauts” is being released by Amazon Studios and is also making its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in the coming weeks.

“Yesterday” breakout star Himesh Patel also stars in the film. Amazon Studios will release “The Aeronauts” in theaters on Dec. 6, and it will be available on Prime Video Dec. 20.

If you’re not afraid of heights, watch the first trailer above.