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Edward R. Murrow Awards for ABC’s Newtown Coverage and CNN’s Syria Reporting

CBS wins most awards

CNN won three Edward R. Murrow awards for its Syria coverage, while ABC won three for its coverage of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school killings. The awards honoring the best in television and radio journalism also recognized CBS for overall excellence in radio and Canada's Global News for television.

The winning entries ranged from a devastating CNN report on a young Syrian girl who was shot in the cheek to a CBS Radio broadcast about a promising Pop Warner football player paralyzed by a bad tackle.

Watch and Listen to the Winning Broadcasts Here

In the Network Radio and Television categories, CBS led with seven awards. Among the winners were "CBS Radio News," for overall excellence, radio newscast and radio feature reporting; a "60 Minutes" story on the Stuxnet computer worm; CBS News for TV sports reporting; CBS News On the Road for TV writing; and CBSNews.com for its website. It was the seventh straight year that CBS Radio has won for overall excellence.

CNN had six awards. Its Syria reporting won for continuing TV coverage, and its "Damascus Undercover" won for TV news series. It won in the hard news category for radio with "Why Police Shoot" and for TV for Nick Paton Walsh's report on the girl shot in Syria. CNN also won radio awards for use of sound/video and for writing.

ABC also had five awards. They included honors for its Newtown coverage in the TV newscast category, as well as in the breaking news radio and TV categories. Its Hurricane Sandy coverage won for radio continuing coverage, and ABC News radio won for it's "Your Voice, Your Vote" series.

ESPN won for radio sports reporting for its feature on Pop Warner player Donnovan Hill, and for TV feature reporting for "Marko Cheseto: Running for his Life."

NPR and PRX won for radio news documentary, and NPR's Digital Experience won for radio website.

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