‘El Camino’ Trailer: Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman Is ‘Ready’ in First Full Look at ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie (Video)

Film directed by Vince Gilligan debuts on Netflix and in theaters Oct. 11

“You ready?” a shadowy man asks Jesse Pinkman in the first complete trailer for “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.” “Yeah,” he calmly replies.

Aaron Paul is reprising his famous role from “Breaking Bad,” and we’ve finally got a full look at Jesse on the run, even if we don’t have a complete sense of the plot. In the trailer, we see that Jesse is wanted and still shaken up by the events of his former imprisonment. So in desperation, he turns to his old associates, Badger and Skinny Pete (Matt Jones and Charles Baker) for shelter.

He’s now scarred on his cheek and has again shaved his head, and we see him standing in front of a dirty stream, digging in the middle of the desert and finally brandishing a gun, but so far it seems like his meth cooking days are completely over.

Vince Gilligan wrote and directed the movie that has been done entirely in secret. Netflix is debuting on its streaming service and is receiving a limited theatrical run on Oct. 11. “El Camino” will also air on AMC, where “Breaking Bad” and its prequel spinoff, “Better Call Saul” call home, sometime next year.

“El Camino” was produced by Paul, Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein, Charles Newirth and Diane Mercer, in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Watch the trailer for “El Camino” above.