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Election Day 2020: Mariah Carey, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio Among Stars Sharing Tips on How to Vote and Stay Sane

”Stay hydrated. Breathe. Take our country back from psychopaths,“ Jessica Chastain tweeted

https://www.instagram.com/p/CHI9AaPjREz/It’s here. After an election cycle that has felt like an eternity — and that was even before the pandemic — Election Day 2020 is here. And Hollywood’s celebrities are giving their last pieces of advice on voting day.

You may have already heard from actors, musicians, athletes and politicians for the better part of the month telling you to vote and how, and nearly 100 million of you took that advice seriously and already voted.

So while some celebrities shared their last minute resources for people voting in person on November 3, others shared photos of themselves voting or just their advice on how to stay sane no matter what happens today (or maybe weeks from now).

“Vote darlings! Don’t be bleak,” Mariah Carey said in a brief video.

Stay hydrated. Breathe. Take our country back from psychopaths,” Jessica Chastain tweeted.

Director Ava DuVernay let Martin Luther King Jr. speak for her as to the importance of voting, sharing a scene from her film “Selma” in which Dr. King declares “Give us the vote!”

Seth Meyers even brought out Tracy Chapman for a rare performance of “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” to rally people at the polls.

There’s no shortage of inspiring messages and resources out there, but take a look at a few below, and above all, make sure you VOTE!