‘Elemental’ and ‘The Boy and the Heron’ Star Mamoudou Athie Says He ‘Can Count On’ Animation | Video

“I’ve never doubted animation because it’s meant so much to me in my life and touches me constantly,” the actor tells TheWrap on the Oscars red carpet

When asked how he hopes animation continues to spread messages of love and creativity, “Elemental” and “The Boy and the Heron” voice actor Mamoudou Athie doesn’t hesitate to answer.

“You can count on animation to do that. It’s the movies that we’re first introduced to. I just brought up ‘Lion King’ and I got that reaction, and it does that to everyone because it means so much to everyone,” he told TheWrap on the Oscars red carpet. “Because you can watch it again and have that same reaction.

“You can count on animation to typically give you stories of real integrity, and a real hard-working effort beyond just the talent.” he added. “I’ve never doubted animation because it’s meant so much to me in my life and touches me constantly. People are always inspired by it.”

As for Peter Sohn’s future slate, which includes “Inside Out 2,” Athie doesn’t have any details on involvement or a sequel to “Elemental,” but he welcomes the idea.

“I’m gonna let him come to me with that news. Who knows? Who knows what happens, but I’m so pleased with the success of this movie and like how it’s touched people. It’s really up to Pixar. Pete can do whatever he wants. That guy’s a genius.”

Athie’s ideal theme park attraction, centered around “Elemental,” would need to involve water, not fire. True to his character Wade, the ripply, go-with-the-flow half of the dynamic duo in the Pixar rom-com, Athie stressed safety with his idea too.

“Isn’t it like a splash? It’s right there,” he said. “Man. I don’t know. It couldn’t be anything with fire. So the safest thing to do is just the water ride.”

Athie voices a Parakeet in “The Boy and the Heron,” which won the film for best animated feature at the Oscars, competing with “Elemental.”


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