Read the One-Sentence Pitch to Become Horror Short From Eli Roth’s Crypt TV, Movie Pilot

Serial killer concept came from 18-year-old contest winner

Eli Roth Crypt TV

Eli Roth is open to horror in all its forms — so much so that a one-sentence pitch can become his next scream-inducing project.

Roth’s Crypt TV hosted a “One Sentence Scare” contest for global genre fans with partner, a digital entertainment magazine. The winning concept will become a short film produced by the “Hostel” director himself.

Solon Papageorgio, an 18-year-old from Greece, came out on top. His creepy, serial-killer centered idea (below) was read nearly 600,000 times on the competition site:

“I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend running beside me.”

Papageorgio will travel to Movie Pilot’s headquarters in Los Angeles this fall and watch his project become a film. The project will be distributed across Crypt TV and Movie Pilot, with an estimated reach of six million users.

“I love Movie Pilot, they’ve been amazing supporters of genre cinema and have a fantastic audience,” Roth said. “We’re excited to join forces to create something exciting with ideas entirely generated by their audience. It’s gonna be really cool.”

Since launching Crypt TV in 2015, Roth and CEO Jack Davis have produced hundreds of Genre shorts. The writer-director-producer is currently in development on a sequel to his slacktivism slasher film “The Green Inferno.”