‘Bob Eiger’ Trends on X After Elon Musk Blasts the Disney CEO With Multi-Tweet Typo

The tech mogul thinks Iger’s studio is being hypocritical in its suspension of ads on his social media platform

From left to right: Disney CEO Bob Iger and Twitter CEO Elon Musk (Getty Images)

Known by most of the industry as Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney’s name has started to trend on X as “Eiger” due to Elon Musk’s misspelling across multiple tweets.

The embattled owner of the social media platform was attempting to put the Disney CEO on blast Thursday because after suspending ad buys with X over swirling antisemitic rhetoric and ad placements, the studio continues advertising with Meta despite an incendiary lawsuit filed against the studio on Wednesday.

“Bob Eiger thinks it’s cool to advertise next to child exploitation material,” Musk first tweeted Thursday. “Real stand up guy.”

This message came with a retweet of a CNBC report about New Mexico’s Wednesday lawsuit against Meta Platforms and Mark Zuckerberg “alleging that the company’s platforms enabled child sexual abuse material to be distributed” and that it “failed to identify alleged predator networks,” according to CNBC.

“Why no advertiser boycott, Bob Eiger?” Musk tweeted 10 minutes later with a direct link to the CNBC story. You are endorsing this material!”

Elon Musk X Bob Eiger tweet screenshot
Screenshot of Elon Musk’s tweet against Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The billionaire didn’t tag Iger, but other users are in response to the news of the investigation and lawsuit.

“Bob Iger only boycotts platforms that promote free speech,” another user wrote in response to Musk’s second tweet. “If he’s not boycotting you then you’ve got a problem.”

Another user played off of the Disney CEO’s first name.

“How about a Bobcott??” David Milsner tweeted. “Asking for a friend”

The surname snafu was largely ignored by Musk’s followers, who appeared to propagate the incorrect spelling in their responses to his tweets. Many took Musk’s side in the argument, while others inserted their own opinions or criticized the tech mogul for being a hypocrite.

“My dude. Your platform literally shares this stuff and much worse next to ads,” one user wrote.

“Wait until you find out about the sexist and racist posts on Twitter!” another tweeted.

Musk responded to a comment asking why Disney hadn’t fired Iger yet, saying that he “should be fired immediately.”

“Walt Disney is turning in his grave over what Bob has done to his company,” Musk added.

Read up more of the discourse below:


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