‘The Resident’ Star Emily VanCamp Says Nic’s Farewell Was Supposed to Go Differently – and She Could Return

“But it really depends on what we expect for the show and for them,” VanCamp tells TheWrap

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s “The Resident.”)

Emily VanCamp said farewell to “The Resident” last night with an episode that featured the heartbreaking death of her leading lady character, Nicolette “Nic” Nevin, who never awoke from a comatose state she had been in for the entire hour. Though “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” actress’s exit from the Fox medical drama was planned and announced well in advance of Tuesday’s episode, the plans for how Nic left the show during its currently airing Season 5 had to change.

“There were definitely conversations,” VanCamp told TheWrap during a conference call with reporters Wednesday, when we asked if there were discussions about Nic having any scenes in which she was awake or speaking, even in a dream, during the episode. “I was supposed to go back for a couple of episodes, but just because of personal reasons, I wasn’t able to, which was a huge shame because I wanted to. And that was the plan all along. So the timing of everything was quite unfortunate. But I’m really so amazed at what they were able to do and grateful that they were able to pull it off as well. So yes, those conversations happened and of course I would have loved to go back, but life happens.”

VanCamp’s Nic died at the end of last night’s episode of the Fox medical drama, an hour that saw the nurse practitioner admitted to the hospital with a severe head injury after getting in a car crash on her way home to her husband, Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry), and baby girl Georgina “Gigi” following a brief spa getaway.

The accident was a single-car collision involving no other drivers and Nic’s tox screen was clean, posing a puzzle about what happened to her to Conrad and Nic’s friends and colleagues at Chastain hospital, while they tried to figure out how to bring the unconscious Nic out of the woods.

Unfortunately, despite Conrad’s hope and best efforts and refusal to give up on her, Nic was declared brain dead and Conrad honored his wife’s wish that she not be kept on life support and instead be an organ donor to many patients in need. The episode ended with Conrad and Gigi watching as Nic’s organs were flown off in a medical helicopter, similar to the one that brought her in the night after her crash.

News that VanCamp would be leaving “The Resident” during its fifth season broke at the end of August. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” actress asked to exit the show for a variety of personal reasons after ongoing discussions, and the writers had time to work her farewell into Season 5 just as the scripts were being broken over the summer.

As for whether VanCamp would ever reprise the role of Nic in a flashback or dream sequence, the actress said “absolutely.”

“There’s just so much love between all of us,” she said. “I would be absolutely open to going back in some form or another. But it really depends on what we expect for the show and for them. But I’d always love to go back and see everyone. I miss them terribly.”

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