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Eminem’s ‘River’ Music Video Is Basically a Documentary About Abusive Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day?

There are happy Valentine’s Day surprises, and then there is this.

On Wednesday, Eminem dropped the music video for his new track “River” featuring Ed Sheeran. And while Slim Shady fans may have been very excited to get a look at the visual concept he’d concocted for their collaboration on his 2017 album “Revival,” some might be a little put off by the portrait of a less than healthy relationship on this most loving of holidays.

“My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel,” Eminem begins. The video then shows the rapper and British singer singing “River” while basically showing you exactly what not to do in a courtship. There’s chair throwing, screaming, name-calling. It’s lovely.

“You’re saying ‘us’ as in, like, we’re together together. I thought we were just hanging out,” Em raps. Okay, ya, turn away now if you want to enjoy the rest of cupid’s birthday.

Watch the music video for “River” above.

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