Emma Roberts Kisses Kim Kardashian, Snacks on a Bone in ‘AHS: Delicate Part 2′ Trailer | Video

“Something’s happening to me,” Roberts warns in the teaser for the second half of FX’s “American Horror Story” Season 12

The trailer for “AHS: Delicate Part 2″ has arrived, and it spares no shocking moment in a succession of jaw-dropping scenes — including Emma Roberts kissing Kim Kardashian, chomping on a bone and much more.

“Something’s happening to me,” Roberts’ Anna Victoria Alcott tells Kardashian’s Siobhan Corbyn in Wednesday’s teaser video. “Are you eating a bone?” Corbyn replies as the pair sits at dinner in a nice restaurant.

Cut to Roberts’ pregnant Alcott floating in a swimming pool as a spider-like creature punctures her stomach from the inside after crawling around in her belly. Naturally, a baby stroller then catches on fire.

“I’m gonna give you the life of your dreams,” Corbyn tells Alcott. “What would you give up for it?” “Anything,” Alcott answers.

Kardashian’s Corbyn proceeds to kiss — and then slap — Roberts’ Alcott on the lips in a very public forum before the clip cuts to Roberts screaming with her character seemingly in labor.

Alcott then gets a mysterious warning before Cara Delevingne and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez’s characters flash across the screen.

“What’s wrong, Ms. Alcott?” Rodriguez’s Nicolette asks as she cuddles a black cat, reminiscent of her holding a newborn baby. “Sometimes you have to snap a few necks,” Kardashian says as Delevingne and a circle of women clad in black, feathery outfits circle Roberts.

Part 2 of the anthology horror series’ twelfth installment, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, arrives April 3 at 10 p.m. EST on FX, streaming the next day on Hulu.

Watch the new “American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2” trailer, below:


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