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Emma Stone and Billy Eichner Talk to New Yorkers About Instagram in ‘Billy on the Street’ Return (Video)

And specifically, why Stone needs to get on it

Emma Stone isn’t on Instagram, and that’s not okay with Billy Eichner.

The comedian, in the Thursday return of his Emmy-nominated series “Billy on the Street,” hits, well, the streets of Manhattan to ask New Yorkers if and when Stone will ever join the popular photo-sharing app.

Surprisingly, most of the interviewees are pretty mellow when they meet Stone, the “bubble tea of humans,” as Eichner puts it. But still, some are incredulous when they find out she’s MIA on Instagram, since “everything and everyone is on it,” according to one young woman. Another insists Stone get on it so she can “show people where you are, obviously.”

If you’re looking for a laugh, take a waltz with Eichner and the “La La Land” star in the clip below.