Emma Watson Not Bullied Out of Brown, Rep Says

Representative for the “Harry Potter” says that she left the Ivy League university because she simply wanted to attend college elsewhere

Last Updated: April 25, 2011 @ 1:44 PM

“Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson has indeed parted ways with Brown University, but not for the reason that’s been suggested in the media recently, Watson’s rep tells TheWrap.

A report in the New York Daily News on Thursday claimed that Watson, who enrolled at Brown in 2009, had been taunted by classmates over her participation in the “Harry Potter” films. Citing an “insider,” the News claimed that Watson’s classmates would tease her with phrases from her movies when she answered questions correctly in class, and that other students “shouted 'Harry Potter' phrases at her" while she tried to enjoy a Brown-vs.-Harvard football game.

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The News’ account prompted the Huffington Post to suggest, “Emma Watson may have had a good reason to leave Brown University: Her classmates constantly teased her with ‘Harry Potter’ references.”

Shockingly, as it turns out, reports of Watson being run off of campus with a barrage of “Potter”-related taunts are total bull. At least, according to the actress’ camp.

“There is absolutely no truth in this rumor whatsoever,” Watson’s rep told TheWrap. “Emma has enjoyed her time at Brown tremendously and made many friends there who she keeps in constant contact with.”

The rep adds that Watson “has now decided to change university, but not for the bullying, as that is just completely untrue. She has just decided to continue with a different course.”

Though Watson will transfer to a different university this Fall, the rep notes that there is  chance she will return to Brown for her final year of school.

If only there was a spell that Watson could cast to silence the rumor-mongers of the world…


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