Emma Watson Sports ‘Time’s Up’ Tattoo After the Oscars (Photo)

“Beauty and the Beast” star wears her support on her sleeve

Emma Watson
Getty Images

Emma Watson had a unique take on showing her Time’s Up support Sunday night at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

The “Beauty and the Beast” star sported a temporary tattoo that read “Time’s Up” in black cursive script on her right forearm. Check out a close up below.

Emma Watson Time's Up tattoo
Getty Images

Some grammarians online pointed out that the contraction was missing its apostrophe, though the hashtag #TimesUp omits the punctuation mark.

The Time’s Up initiative was discussed on the Red Carpet and during the show when faces of the #MeToo movement. Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra and Salma Hayek introduced a montage on stage Sunday night of men and women who have broken barriers of gender and race in the industry.

“The changes we are witnessing is being driven by the powerful sound of new voices, of different voices, of our voices, joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying, ‘time’s up,’” Judd said onstage. “And we work together to make sure the next 90 years empower these limitless possibilities of equality, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality. That’s what this year has promised us.”

Watson has been a staunch supporter of the initiative from its start, and has been an advocate of bringing the movement to the U.K.

“The clock’s been ticking on the abuse of power,” she said on Instagram after the initiative was  launched in January. “I stand in solidarity with women across every industry to say #TIMESUP on abuse, harassment, and assault. #TIMESUP on oppression and marginalization. #TIMESUP on misrepresentation and underrepresentation.”