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Emmett/Furla Films to Produce Action-Thriller ‘Fair Trade’

The independent film company will start shooting next summer in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Emmett/Furla Films will finance and produce “Fair Trade” after acquiring the action-thriller movie from Alcon Entertainment, the independent film company announced on Friday.

“Fair Trade” follows limo-driver Warren, a chronically unlucky man with a Master’s degree. After his son falls ill and requires an expensive surgery to survive — and insurance doesn’t cover the cost — Warren becomes a hit-man assigned to kill a mobster.

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Liam Neesen, who was previously attached to star, is still the top contender for the lead role, according to a release from Emmett/Furla, and Ericson Core (“Invincible”) is slated to direct with a script by Matt Aldrich (“Cleaner”).

Production on “Fair Trade,” an adaptation of Serbian film “The Trap,” begins next summer in Pittsburgh, Pa.