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Emmy Quickie: Judith Light Dishes on ‘Transparent’ Bathtub Scene That Had Everyone Talking (Video)

Amazon star’s orgasmic bubble bath scene could make an Emmy splash

The day after Judith Light‘s bathtub scene became available on Amazon, it was all anyone in Hollywood could talk about. The second episode of Season 2 of “Transparent” will likely go down as one of TV’s most groundbreaking — a tall order for a series about a family patriarch (Jeffrey Tambor) transitioning into a woman at the age of 70.

Even though Tambor is mesmerizing, it’s Light, playing his wife Shelly, who steals the show scene after scene.

In “Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump,” Shelly, gets fingered in a bubble bath by Tambor’s character, Maura. Those prone to bad clichés might be tempted to describe the scene as “poetry.”

“They made the bubbles and Jill [Soloway, the executive producer] came back and forth bringing the bubbles to cover me up,” Light told TheWrap. “And made sure I saw the scene before they aired it … so that I would be OK with the way that it looked.”

That night, she got a message from Tambor that made her cry.

“The text read (long pause) I get emo — emotional when I think about it,” she said, trying to hold back tears. “It said, ‘It doesn’t get any better than this.'”

And that right there is how many in Hollywood feel as well. Light, who became a household name playing Angela Bower in the 1980s sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” is at the top of her game.

Watch the full interview with Light above.