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Emmy Quickie: ‘MythBusters’ Star Adam Savage on the Farting Episode’s Big Problem (Exclusive Video)

While making Discovery series’ flatulence installment, one crew member helped out in a pinch

“MythBusters” star Adam Savage told TheWrap that when things weren’t going as planned on the fart episode of the Discovery series, a longtime producer and director on the show stepped up in a big way.

“One of my closest friends, my producer Alice [Dallow] …we were filming the episode about farts,” Savage said. “We were doing an entire episode about the science of farts and in order to do that we had to capture some. So I built and designed a fart-catching machine. We spent the whole day like eating beans and drinking soda water and trying to get things moving — and it wasn’t going.”

“Alice, the team player extraordinaire, said, ‘Everybody out.’ Everybody cleared the room,” he continued. “Alice got in the bathtub … and managed to capture three different farts.”

Of course, the series was about much more than just breaking wind. In its decade-plus run, “MythBusters” saw Savage and his partner Jamie Hyneman tackle all kinds of myths, urban legends and movie stunts to see if they were actually possible.

Savage also said that fan interactions are mostly fun, but running into fans in Las Vegas is usually an experience in and of itself.

“I was at one point coming up an escalator, and this bodybuilder came running down the up escalator to me, yelling my name,” he said. “I actually silenced him. I was like, ‘You’re yelling!'”

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