Emmy Quickie: Why Tatiana Maslany Thinks ‘Orphan Black’ Is ‘Weird in the Best Way Possible’ (Exclusive Video)

“We’re always shifting genres depending on whose storyline we’re following,” actress tells TheWrap about playing five different characters

There is never a “dull day” for Tatiana Maslany, the actress who plays five different clones on BBC America’s “Orphan Black.”

“I’m always getting to shift characters,” Maslany told TheWrap. “We’re always shifting genres depending on whose storyline we’re following.”

The series follows con artist Sarah Manning (Maslany), who discovers that she has clones living all over North America and Europe.

In the process, she happens upon a whole scientific cloning movement, called Neolution, and finds herself avoiding capture from both the Neolution and its opposition, a secret religious group called the Proletheans.

Although “Orphan Black” has a distinct sci-fi tone to it, Maslany said she sees it as a blend of sci-fi, horror, thriller, comedy and character study.

“It’s weird in the best way possible,” she said.

And, she added, fans adore the show — and each other.

“There’s a real love in the community,” Maslany said. “They share art with each other, they meet up in cities to go to cons together. It’s just a very inclusive, supportive community.”

Although the star shows her range through several different characters on “Orphan Black,” Maslany said her favorite moment was when the main character has a “dark night of the soul” and reverts back to her old ways of drinking and partying.

“It’s sort of a nice duality that she has within her.”

Watch the video above.