Emmy Quickie: ‘The OA’ Star Jason Isaacs Has No Idea If He’s in Season 2 (Video)

“[Fans] don’t really want the answers to any questions. I don’t either,” the actor tells TheWrap

“The OA” was one of Netflix’s most mysterious original series from the very beginning, with just one cagey trailer released days before the entire first season was released.

Viewers were given little information about Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s sci-fi mystery beforehand, and were forced to watch all eight episodes if they wanted answers. Though “answers” may be a generous way to describe “The OA’s” puzzling, if emotionally satisfying, conclusion.

Jason Isaacs, who plays the villainous scientist who imprisons Marling’s character, says he’s been bombarded with fan theories since the show premiered. But as much fun as it is to wonder about the show’s mysteries, Isaacs says no one would actually be satisfied by answers.

“[Fans] don’t really want the answers to any questions. I don’t either,” Isaacs said in an interview with TheWrap. And when it comes to Season 2, Isaacs doesn’t even know if he’s in it! During a lunch meeting with the writers, he declined their offer to hear more about the upcoming storylines.

“It’s so ridiculously imaginative that my head’s going to hurt until we start shooting. I’d rather wait for the scripts to arrive,” he said.

Isaacs’ character, Hap, disappears at the end of the first season, dumping Prairie [Marling] on the side of the road as he runs off with the rest of his captives.

“What I loved about what they wrote and what I got to play is that it was a man who had been living a certain way for years, and then this woman comes along — Brit, Prairie, the OA — and all the things he thinks about himself change,” Isaacs said.

“Despite himself, he kind of falls in love with her a bit,” he continued. “And he has this insane desire for her to like him, and to think that he’s doing the right thing, and to validate him … He’s living in denial, and it’s a feast for an actor. To play that many levels of complication.”

So whether or not Isaacs will return for a second season, he’s grateful for having been able to play this character at all.

“I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of fabulous parts, a lot of very mediocre parts,” he said. “There’s not much new that comes along … There was nothing like it that I’ve done before.”

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