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Emmy Quickie: Zoe Lister-Jones Danced Between Takes of ‘Confirmation’ (Exclusive Video)

Actress found moments of levity while shooting HBO’s sobering movie

Although HBO’s movie “Confirmation” tells a story set in the recent past, it’s filled with issues that are still significant today, star Zoe Lister-Jones told The Wrap.

The acclaimed film presents “a learning lesson” that informs the present conversation about “race politics and gender politics and even the [current] Supreme [Court] Justice nomination,” she said.

“Confirmation” follows the controversial 1991 Supreme Court nomination hearings of Clarence Thomas (Wendell Pierce) after Anita Hill (Kerry Washington) alleged that he had sexually harassed her.

Lister-Jones, who plays a fictional assistant to then-Sen. Joe Biden, said she appreciates how “Confirmation” has added to the current political conversation.

“I think it forces [everyone] to talk about gender discrimination,” she said about a topic that “is something that we should all be talking about a lot more and is so relevant right now.”

But even as they were working with such intense subject matter, the actress and her fellow cast members — including Jennifer Hudson, Erika Christensen, Greg Kinnear, Bill Irwin, Jeffrey Wright, and Eric Stonestreet — were able to have a great deal of fun during the shoot.

“Everyone had such amazing camaraderie,” Lister-Jones said. “We were always dancing around and singing between takes.”

Watch the video above.