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Emmys ‘In Memoriam’ Omits Dick Gregory, Harry Dean Stanton, Charlie Murphy

Segment also leaves out Frank Vincent and Erin Moran

No awards show’s “In Memoriam” segment can include everyone lost in the last year, but this year’s Emmys contained some obvious omissions, including comedy icon and Civil Rights activist Dick Gregory, “Chappelle’s Show” star Charlie Murphy, Erin Moran and Harry Dean Stanton — who died Friday.

Stanton is somewhat understandable, given how recently he died — there might not have been time to update the segment before the show. The same is true of “Sopranos” star Frank Vincent, who died last week.

But many on Twitter were surprised and disappointed by the other omissions. Some drew a contrast between the omission of two prominent African-Americans and the inclusion of Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

“Thinking of my brothers Dick Gregory + Charlie Murphy. I’ll never forget you,” tweeted rapper-actor Common. “I miss you both.”

“Roger Ailes got in the In Memoriam segment, but not CHARLIE MOTHER F—ING MURPHY?” tweeted Brandt Hamilton.

Gregory made his TV debut more than 50 years ago on “The Tonight Show” with Jack Paar, when his was one of the few African-American faces on TV. He more recently appeared as “Mr. Sun” on “Wonder Showzen.”

Though Dave Chappelle was a surprise presenter Sunday — and made a joke about the Emmys’ attempts at diversity — the ceremony didn’t include Murphy, star of some of the most memorable sketches on “Chappelle’s Show.”

Moran starred on “Happy Days” and “Joanie Loves Chachi.”

Gregory died Aug. 19, and Murphy on April 12. Moran died April 22.

Here are tweets about the omissions from the “In Memoriam” segment.