‘The Emoji Movie’: First Trailer Reveals Hidden World In Your Smartphone (Video)

Animated film stars T.J Miller, Patrick Stewart, Maya Rudolph, James Corden and Anna Faris

The first full-length trailer for “The Emoji Movie” imagines what your favorite emojis are up to when you’re not using them.

T.J. Miller stars as Gene, the only emoji in Textopolis capable of multiple facial expressions. In a bid to become “normal,” he teams up with best friend Hi-5 and “talented code breaker” Jailbreak as they travel through the world of apps to find the elusive code that will make Gene like the other emoji. But when they confront a much graver danger, they have to save their digital universe before it disappears into cyberspace.

“Maybe I’m meant to have more than one emotion,” Gene says in the trailer.

“The Emoji Movie” stars Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris, James Corden, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, Ilana Glazer and Stephen Wright.

Tony Leondis directed the “Emoji Movie,” which was produced by Michelle Raimo Kouyate, and written by Leondis & Eric Siegel and Mike White. Sony Pictures Imageworks handled the digital animation.

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“The Emoji Movie” is set to hit theaters July 28.

Watch the trailer above.