Queen Latifah, Lee Daniels on What to Expect When ‘Star,’ ‘Empire’ Cross Over

TCA 2017: “I never saw ‘Star’ as a part of ‘Empire’ ever,” co-creator Lee Daniels admits

Big Trouble gets a taste of the high-glamour world of the Lyons in the first look at the “Star” and “Empire” crossover, set to air on Fox this fall.

In a music video that debuted at the Television Critics Association press tour, we see Big Trouble performing “You’re So Beautiful,” first made famous by Lucious on “Empire.” You can watch the video above.

Lee Daniels, who’s the co-creator and executive producers on both shows, told reporters that it wasn’t his plan to connect “Empire” and “Star” but when the network suggested it, it seemed to work.

“They were two separate shows,” Daniels explained. “I never saw ‘Star’ as a part of ‘Empire’ ever. It’s its own entity … but it sort of seemed logical so I just went with the flow.”

“Star” lead Queen Latifah had a different opinion. “That was in my brain from day one,” she said.

The actress went on to explain the vast similarities between the shows. Both take place in the music industry, obviously, but both also feature strong female leads and carry similar themes.

“The binding material between the two shows is that each group in each world is at two different levels of success, but they know what it’s like to come from nothing. And with hard work there’s the possibility there for them to succeed,” Latifah said.

Carlotta (Queen Latifah) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) are more alike than they’d probably think. While they are at different places in their lives — Cookie is on top while Carlotta is working up from the bottom — both have overcome obstacles to get to where they are. They both have empires, but Cookie’s is obviously bigger. They both have intimate and powerful relationships with their families.

“I think the main difference is that Cookie has success and money and Carlotta really doesn’t,” she continued. “In terms of who they are as women, the strength they have is equal … they are both strong, powerful women who have been through some things and wear those scars and have overcome a lot. They share some things in their core and are a lot alike.”

Here’s the official description of the crossover, per the network: On an epic night of music and drama, Carlotta comes face-to-face with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Jamal, as the worlds of “Empire” and “Star” collide.

Reporters got a sneak peak at the crossover. “Star’s” premiere features a Bob Fosse-inspired number (complete with a Daniels cameo) with Big Trouble taking center stage. This also includes the “You’re So Beautiful” performance.

“This season they’re going to be battling to stay together and using their ‘Wonder Woman’ bracelets to battle a love triangle with this awesome new character played by Luke James,” executive producer and new series showrunner Karin Gist said.

“Empire” and “Star’s” new seasons premiere Sept. 27 on Fox in a two-hour special crossover event.