Enjoy the Weird, Fun Trailer for ‘Sally Floss: Digital Detective’ (Exclusive Video)

Latest from director James Cullen Bressack was filmed during the pandemic

Like a lot of creators, director James Cullen Bressack turned pandemic lemons into lemonade, as in the case of his upcoming movie “Sally Floss: Digital Detective,” which comes out sometime in Summer 2022.

Per the logline, “In response to the financial crisis set forth by COVID-19, a shy teenager starts an internet-based detective agency to save her family home. She solves mysteries through digital footprints, virtual interviews, a brilliant mind, and an inherited intuition she never knew she had.”

Appropriately, “Sally Floss” was directed during the height of the pandemic lockdown, and makes good use of the quarantine lifestyle and its related, restrictive Zoom-eye-view of the world, both in production and in-story. You can see how this plays out in the trailer, exclusive to TheWrap, above right now.

And honestly, with a title as charming as “Sally Floss: Digital Detective,” how can you say no?

Written by Kate Queen, “Sally Floss” stars Lindsay Elston in the title role; it also stars Vernon Wells, Tara Reid, Todd Bridges, Eric Roberts, Louis Mandylor, Richard Tyson, Ciara Hanna among others.

It’s produced by Queen and Laura Enock with cinematography by David Minadeo and music by David Bateman.

Meanwhile, enjoy an equally charming poster below: