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‘Community’ Trailer Goes Over the Top in Build to Season 6 (Video)

Yahoo Screen picked up the low-rated NBC sitcom for a sixth season, expected to premiere in early 2015

Yahoo is doing its part to make the upcoming sixth season of “Community” look like a very exciting venture. Likening the unlikely return of the low-rated NBC sitcom to the bionic revival of Lee Majors in “The Six Million Dollar Man,” the epic trailer made up for its lack of new footage with grandeur and an over-the-top fun look back at five seasons of silliness.

The trailer was first shown to an enthusiastic crowd at the “Community” panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but was not immediately made available to the public at large until now.

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As perhaps a statement about the history of the show, when the trailer began to track through the previous five seasons, with various clips and highlighted moments, the only footage shown from Season 4 was green smoke coming through a vent in the study room.

Season 4 was the only year that creator Dan Harmon was not a part of his show, and it was considered subpar by many fans and critics. Harmon returned for the show’s fifth season on NBC, and remains on board for the Yahoo Screen revival.

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It’s not the only nod to the on-screen struggles of the show, as the trailer goes so far as to declare “Community” dead after the fifth season, only coming back to life when Yahoo stepped in. The sixth season fulfills the show’s own semi-promise of going #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, established early in its run as a joke about another NBC show, “The Cape.”

Despite now being on a streaming service, “Community” will not be dropping its entire 13-episode season order at once, as Netflix does with its hit shows like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Arrested Development.” Instead, new episodes will still come out a week at a time, once the show launches in 2015.