‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Gets DVD, Blu-ray Release Via Random Media

New multiplatform distributor also picks up North American rights to extraterrestrial documentary “Mirage Men”

“Escape From Tomorrow” avoided Disney’s security forces long enough to make it into theaters (taking in something like $170,000 in the U.S.) and VOD, and now will get a DVD and Blu-ray release via multiplatform content company Random Media.

Random also announced this week that it acquired all North American rights to documentary “Mirage Men,” which examines decades of government cover-ups about extraterrestrial visitors.

Disney elected not to challenge the release of “Escape From Tomorrow,” Randy Moore’s nightmarish fantasy – despite that was shot, guerilla-style, in Disney theme parks without the company’s permission. Cinetic Media handled the film’s theatrical and VOD release.

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“‘Escape from Tomorrow’ and ‘Mirage Men’ are exactly the kind of films that distinguish the Random Media label as a destination for bold, provocative entertainment,” said Rob Williams, Random Media SVP and acquisitions head. “The debut of ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ was nothing short of a revelation at Sundance – we’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

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Random releases “Escape From Tomorrow” on DVD and Blu-ray in April 2014; it has not yet announced a release pattern for “Mirage Men.”