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‘Escobar: Paradise Lost:’ Josh Hutcherson Probably Shouldn’t Date Drug Lord’s Niece (Video)

The fresh-faced ‘Hunger Games’ co-star faces off against Benecio del Toro as the Colombian drug kingpin in new trailer

Josh Hutcherson is a fish — or maybe a surfer — out of water  in the latest trailer for “Escobar: Paradise Lost.” His character is a laid back American who relocates to the South American coast to set up a surf shop, but instead of catching waves he catches a chance encounter with drug lord Pablo Escobar, played by Benicio Del Toro.

“Call me Pablo,” Del Toro tells Hutcherson’s character in the most ominous way imaginable.

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The picturesque trailer begins with Hutcherson meeting a beautiful lady near a beautiful beach, but her connection to the Colombian cocaine kingpin might well be his downfall. “Most of the money he makes goes to the poor,” she reassures Hutcherson, but no one believes her.

Del Toro has portrayed criminals in a slew of films before (“The Usual Suspects,” Snatch” and “The Way of the Gun” to name just a few), but this highly dramatized role marks a change of pace for Hutcherson. The 21-year-old movie star’s career has thus far been filled mostly with action-adventure movies like”Red Dawn,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and of course “The Hunger Games” series, which puts him opposite bow-wielder Jennifer Lawrence.

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“You’re as guilty as killing those people as I am. You’re one of those friends I have to leave behind,” Escobar ominously tells him. “There are laws of nature and once they take control you have to accept them.”

“Escobar: Paradise Lost,” which is Andrea di Stefano’s directorial debut, hits theaters Nov. 26.