ESPN Fires Football Analyst Hugh Douglas Over Racially-Charged Comments

"Numbers Never Lie" presenter was involved in confrontation with his co-host

Former Eagles defensive lineman Hugh Douglas is now a former ESPN talent.

An ESPN spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap on Tuesday that "Douglas no longer works at ESPN as of today."

Douglas was fired from the station following a heated confrontation with his "Numbers Never Lie" co-host Michael Smith at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention on August 3.

According to Deadspin, Douglas was very drunk at a post-convention party and made a move toward the club's stage. Smith tried to stop him, and then Douglas flew into a rage, called Smith an "Uncle Tom" and threatened to beat him up.

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ESPN told The Big Lead that it was "looking into the situation." On Sunday, the network told Sports Illustrated that it "expect[ed] a resolution this week."

Tuesday, Douglas tweeted that he was "very disappointed to be leaving ESPN":

He hadn't tweeted since August 2 before that. Among his last tweets was one about Smith: