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Esquire Network to Help Men Answer Life’s Questions With ‘Movies to Live By’

Every Thursday night, the network will roll out another classic movie they say every man needs to see

Esquire Network wants to help guys learn what it is that men need to know to get through life. That’s why they’ve put together a weekly movie slate that promises to answer life’s biggest questions.

Movie’s have always spoken to us in deep and profound ways. Now, Esquire has compiled together a group of films they say every man simply must see. And they’ve even provided a glimpse into the questions these films will answer.

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If you’re wondering if the house always wins, try “Ocean’s 11.” How much should you tip? Check with Steve Buscemi in “Reservoir Dogs.” Is justice really blind? Who knows, but isn’t it awesome when it’s “Robocop.”

Okay, so maybe these films won’t really change men’s lives, but they will enhance them. Who can argue that every guy should see movies like “Cool Hand Luke,” “Dirty Harry,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Die Hard,” “Predator” and even “Snakes on a Plane.”

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The fun begins on Thursday, June 5 at 8/7c with “All the Presidents Men,” following each Thursday night with another classic film.