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European Newspapers’ Front Pages Reveal Horror of Brussels Attacks: ‘Terror in the Terminal’ (Photos)

”Our darkest day,“ reads the cover of Het Belang van Limburg in Dutch

The front pages of European newspapers have begun to emerge on Twitter following the series of deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday morning.

Featuring images of the damage caused by the explosions and survivors paying their respects to the victims, the papers solemnly mark the date and acknowledge the lasting effects the attacks will have on the country.

“Our Darkest Day,” reads the front page of Belgian’s Het Belang van Linsburg, with the date boldly written over a black background. The front page of the daily paper De Morgen simply features a plume of smoke rising from the Brussels as a few faceless individuals mourn the attacks.

The French-language daily newspaper Le Soir takes a slightly more optimistic approach, reading “Hold On” above a photo of what appears to be a memorial for the victims.

BBC News has also been tweeting out images of British newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and the Financial Times. Meanwhile, U.K. tabloids such as The Sun, The Mirror, the Daily Star and the Daily Express all far more took blunt approaches with their coverage, with headlines proclaiming “Terror in the Terminal” and “The Death Squad,” alongside photos of the suspects.

As many as 34 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a series of terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday morning, including two explosions at the airport and one at a subway station in the Belgian capital. The Islamic State later claimed victims for the attacks, which came just days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the main surviving suspect in last November’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

See all of the covers below: