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Eva Longoria: ‘I’m Absolutely Voting No’ on SAG-AFTRA Studio Contract (Video)

”They just assume we are dumb actors who don’t read fine print, which is infuriating to me,“ the actress tells TheWrap

Last Updated: July 20, 2020 @ 7:11 PM

Eva Longoria is adamantly against SAG-AFTRA’s proposed studio contract that details new rules to protect actors participating in nude and simulated sex scenes.

“I’m absolutely voting no,” Longoria told TheWrap at this year’s BE Conference. “They just assume we are dumb actors who don’t read fine print, which is infuriating to me at a time when studios should look to us for content creation.”

The contract, which is currently up for a vote by SAG-AFTRA members until Wednesday, includes rules that would require all actors to have a “nudity rider” available for their review, with at least 48 hours notice, that contains details about the intimate scenes they are participating in, as well as a robe that they can use in between takes when filming intimate scenes. The contract would also prevent actors from using personal recording devices during auditions or when filming intimate scenes.

But Eva Longoria said that the contract does not do enough to protect actors. “It’s like, here’s a robe, you’ll be fine,” the actress said.

She’s not alone, either: On Monday evening, Time’s Up also issued a statement calling on SAG-AFTRA members to vote against the contract because it failed to “include key health and safety measures.”

“Creating safe, dignified, and equitable workplaces in an industry where nudity and intimacy are often part of the work is challenging, but not insurmountable,” the organization said. “Therefore, the fact that SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP reached an agreement that does not include key health and safety measures is deeply disappointing and dangerous.”

Beatrice Verhoeven contributed to this report.