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Even Brie Larson Can’t Go on Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson’s Italy Vacation (Video)

”Dude, I’ve been trying to get myself on that trip for like five years now. And I’ve never been invited,“ ”Captain Marvel“ star says

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson have become besties since working on “Captain Marvel.” They’ve done three movies and traveled the world together, they text, and they have code words, but there’s still one exclusive trip that even Larson hasn’t been able to take with Jackson yet.

Promoting “Captain Marvel” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday, Larson and host Kimmel both said how they would love to go to Italy with Jackson and Magic Johnson, as the famous pair have done every year for the past several years. When they went in 2017, local Italians mistook them for “lazy migrants” while shopping in Tuscany.

“Wait, you know about this,” Larson exclaimed. “Dude, I’ve been trying to get myself on that trip for like five years now. And I’ve never been invited!”

“I’ve asked Magic 10 times, I’ve asked Sam six times,” Kimmel chimed in. “They always laugh, and there’s no follow-up.”

We were then treated to Photoshopped pictures of Larson and Kimmel imagining what it might be like if they were actually there. But they’re not holding their breath that they’ll ever be invited.

“Do you know how much time I spend sitting around on set? I know what month he goes, I know I’m not supposed to text him but I do anyway,” Larson said. “It’s his time, it’s his no work time.”

Kimmel asked, does Jackson consider spending time with you to be work? “Apparently, I guess,” Larson said. “Ouch!”

The conversation came up because Larson said she and Jackson have a habit of playing a game that the two use in the movie in order to detect whether another person is a Skrull, or the shapeshifting, green-headed alien baddies in “Captain Marvel” for those who haven’t seen it yet. Because Skrulls can copy a person completely but can only possess a person’s recent memories, they have to dig deep to make sure the person they’re speaking with is the real deal.

As a result, Larson said she and Jackson typically bond over their mutual hatred of certain people they’ve met.

“We’re pretty stealthy about it,” Larson joked. “We’ve done three movies together, so there’s a lot of people to hate in three movies.”

Watch Larson on “Kimmel” above. “Captain Marvel” opens in theaters Friday.