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Everybody’s Dragging Ben Shapiro for Homophobic Tirade About ‘Happiest Season’

The Daily Wire editor thinks that ”Hollywood only wants to make the kind of movies you despise“

“Happiest Season” recently premiered on Hulu, marking the first time a major holiday movie has predominantly billed itself as an LGBT-centric rom-com. It was a film that was long overdue in 2020 and one that received generally positive reviews, though not everyone was a fan. Which is understandable. After all, not every movie is going to be for everyone.

But Ben Shapiro definitely was not a fan.

On the November 30th episode of the “Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro spent some time — OK, a lot of time — talking about his feelings on the film which, unsurprisingly, he did not enjoy. He admitted he did not even watch it, so basically we can infer that he didn’t enjoy it because of the lesbian rom-com angle.

In his comments, he first pointed out how holiday fare is usually innocent and tame and “not woke,” which is not the case when it comes to “Happiest Season.” He then implied that there was some sort of conspiracy where Hulu has gone so far “that they’ve decided, the entertainment industry, that they have to go to places like Hallmark and then browbeat them into making pieces on lesbian and gay couples even though the main constituency for Hallmark is largely religious families with small children.”

If Shapiro really wants to make an argument about “Happiest Season,” he should probably get his facts right. The movie wasn’t pitched by Hulu; it was produced by Sony and set to debut in theaters, but ended up making its premiere on Hulu because of the pandemic. He also claimed reviews have been 100% positive which, again, isn’t exactly true. While the film has a score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, it definitely had its share of lukewarm reviews, both from critics and on social media. While he does at least know that Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) parents are both pretty conservative, he doesn’t seem to know that religion isn’t denounced anywhere in the film. In fact, all things considered, it presents a pretty even and fair picture of an LGBTQ+ relationship.

Needless to say, Shapiro’s comments have hit a lot of nerves. Writer Charlotte Clymer asked “Why can’t openly-LGBTQ people be religious? Why, in your view, are our families discounted from religious families?”

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