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‘Evil Dead’ Director Fede Alvarez’s ‘Don’t Breathe': Tense, Terrifying, Totally Dark First Trailer (Video)

Thriller stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang

Moviegoers had better get in touch with their senses — Sony’s new thriller “Don’t Breathe” is about to leave them in the dark.

Fede Alvarez, director of the 2013 “Evil Dead” reboot, returns with a tense and terrifying conceit: Three strangers who are down on their luck in a dodgy neighborhood get wind that there is a wealthy old recluse (Stephen Lang) living in the area — and he’s “blind as a bat.”

The group break into and enter his home one night looking for cash — until the homeowner turns the tables on them, to chilling effects.

“We all do strange things in the dark,” Alvarez told TheWrap in Los Angeles on Thursday.

You can see how strange when the film hits theaters August 26. On Thursday, however, Alvarez and Sony had a more visceral preview experience planned.

Journalists were called to the headquarters of Countdown Live in Downtown Los Angeles, where the trailer was screened followed by an escape room adventure.

Members of the press were guided by characters loosely based on those in the film inside the popular attraction — bolted in a dark room and forced to solve puzzles to crack a safe full of cash.

The catch? A hostile blind homeowner, not unlike Lang’s character, terrorized our group — locking us in a hidden storage closet. I made it out with no cash, but survived to post this trailer.

“Don’t Breathe” was produced by Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House Pictures and will be released domestically by Sony’s TriStar division. It stars  Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Lang.

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